An Unlikely Story

This story begins in London, England. Penelope's mum and da were English and Irish by birth but they loved the city life in London since it was where they met and fell deeply in love.

Once Penelope was born they visited Ireland every summer so she felt connected and at home in both places. She appreciated the hustle and bustle of city life equally with the peace she felt in the surrounding lushness and stillness in the countryside.

Everyday was a gift unwrapped to reveal a surprise inside. Something new to see or learn. Wonderment at every step she took or corner turned.

At the time of this opportunity to pose inside this Bergdorf window she had moved permanently to NYC to join the Margo Mannequin Modeling agency. This was her first assignment since she arrived in the States and she wanted to savor this moment now and for years to come.

If you pass by at just the right instance you will catch her walking about with that look of adventure she is known for.