Ana takes her responsibility as a professional mannequin very seriously. She understands how important a role she plays for the designer whose clothes she will be wearing, the store whose window dressing she will be part of which also includes many photographers who will be shooting her for the duration of her pose contract and giving designer and store media coverage. Because of this she leaves nothing to chance.

The month before a contract begins she follows a very strict regimen that includes diet, exercise, sleep and personal hygiene. To get a jump on the week, she prepares most of her meals on the weekend so there is something to munch on when she gets home tired and tempted to binge.

Weekly massages are scheduled along with manicures and pedicures. Her personal trainer shows up everyday stepping up her work out to build muscle and burn fat. For the Emerging Series she knew she had to be at her personal best. Two thumbs up Ana. Your discipline paid off. You emerged to the occasion.