An Unlikely Story

Charmaine loved to play dress up as a little girl. She would explore her mother’s closets and the attic looking for special clothing and jewelry she could put on and pretend she was someone else. Oh the stories she would act out. No need for friends. She was so content with her imagination and the parts she played. She was especially drawn to the gowns embroidered with bugle beads and sequins. Feather boas and necklaces all sparkly with rhinestones and pearls.

When mama took her shopping to a department store they would sometimes get separated. Mama didn’t panic because she knew exactly where to find her. Follow the glitter and the feathers and there would be Charmaine entranced.

For this Bergdorf Goodman 2012 Holiday window display Charmaine was feeling nostalgic as she recreated one of her childhood dress up stories complete with the beaded gown and glittering baubles. She struck this pose to get into the mood.