Dahlia, Chantelle and Vivienne were not biological sisters but it was difficult to believe because their features were so sister-like, especially their natural platinum hair color. They felt like family and that’s what really matters. Their busy modeling schedules keep them separated for long periods of time. But once in a while very rarely I might add, they pass each other briefly in some airport running to a gate in opposite directions waving hello/goodbye and blowing kisses to each other through the air. Unexpectedly in the summer of 2012 they each received an invitation from Bergdorf Goodman to participate in their Holiday Display windows.This was the first time in five years they would actually be in the same place at the same time for two months. So Dahlia joined her two friends Chantelle and Vivienne for the 2012 Bergdorf Goodman Holiday windows and it truly was the best holiday gift that they were spending it with “family.”