There is good reason why Edissa is in the “Emerging Series.” The outdoor natural light has to hit the glass of the display at just the right angle to create an illusion. It appears as though the mannequin is “emerging” from a building as if part of its very bricks and mortar. Edissa was in the right display at just the right time.

When she is not scheduled for display modeling she is walking the streets snapping photographs. You can find her at any gallery or museum having a photography exhibit. Her apartment shelves are filled with magazines and books related to the subject.

Nothing prepared her for this photo though. She was so amazed when she saw the end result - what the camera lens caught at that exact moment she had to pinch herself.

The pattern of the designer dress she modeled blended so perfectly with all the surrounding elements adding even more interest to the photo. So impressed with the final result she tracked the photographer down and pleaded long & hard to have permission to join the studio as an unpaid intern so she could learn more about this technique. Yes was the answer. Well done Edissa.