An Unlikely Story

Felicity is a fan dancer extraordinaire. She is a member of Le Cirque Magnifique with Tartine and Magwen and is a third member of that troupe to join the 2012 Bergdorf Holiday window display representing circus performers.

She grew up in Aklavik part of the Canadian tundra biome so she was not used to densely populated cities when she ventured off to university. It was at school she first went to her first circus with a group of friends.

There were so many variations of showmanship displayed that she was seeing for the first time. She realized how isolated her previous life had been.

After the show she stayed long after her friends had gone back to campus. Thirsting to know how one becomes a member of this magical world. Not one to give up when on a quest she finally was brought to Etienne, owner & ringmaster of this Cirque.

Etienne recognized the same passion for this type of performing that she had as a child and told Felicity to come back after she finished her last year at university (always finish what you start.) Her reasoning was this “to succeed in this type of life especially, having a college degree will give you options to make money in other ways when the circus goes through any down time.”

Every break from school was spent at the circus and Felicity created a niche for her “performance” contribution if Etienne agreed. She wanted to express her emotions through dance using oversized feather fans as an extension of her body for each performance.

The Bergdorf Holiday display gave Felicity the chance to model her costume along with her feathers in all their splendor for her debut with the Cirque on Fifth.