Fiona’s parents were feverishly searching and researching names that began with “F” after great aunt Flora on her papa’s side. Flora would not do for their baby so it came down to internet queries and books listing baby names. Friends offered their suggestions but nothing jumped out at them. They decided to hold a contest in their village offering a monetary prize to the winner. The guidelines were a minimum of three names beginning with “F.” They could submit conventional names create a new name. The naming choice was to be decided at the birth once they saw their baby for the first time. They were hoping it would call out from the many lists laid out on the bed, floor and hung on the walls.

Mama’s time had come and to the hospital they drove. Not too fast because papa knew there was precious cargo seated next to him and the roads were a little slippery.

Thirty two hours later the sound of their baby girl said hello to them. She was so fair almost translucent. Can you guess what name they chose. A little hint….Scottish derived meaning white or fair. FIONA! Their next door neighbor received the call from papa to let him know the name chosen was from his list. Nice going Mick McGregor.