How Guinevere was named by her parents has become legendary in their family circles. Every year in the spring both sides of the family would travel to the local Renaissance Faire. This was a very serious endeavor for them. Clothing, food and music authentic as possible. One year as a storm swept through the woods and the wind speed was fast and furious pouring rain beating against their tent Hilary and Theodore cuddled closely in their shared sleeping bag. Nine months later their baby girl was born. In tribute to Renaissance they chose the name Guinevere after the famous and infamous Lady married to King Arthur and in love with Sir Lancelot.

As if Lady G channeled through little G she just lived through the daily countdown to the Faire coming to town. She spent months searching for just the right fabrics for her dress and once chosen she would design and hand sew it adding trims as the final step.

For this Bergdorf display Lady Guinevere would have been so proud of little G all grown up sitting magnificently on her steed.