Yes to the question “were you named after the Henrik Ibsen character Hedda Gabler?” And that is where the similarity ends. This Hedda was excited by life and looked forward to each day offering a new adventure. It was one of those daily new adventures that led her to mannequin modeling.

When she was in Junior high school she worked in a clothing store from 3:30-5:30 PM. One day when she was folding some new T-shirts before putting them out on display she was approached by a stunning woman who began asking her a lot of questions about herself. How old was she? Did she ever think about modeling? Could she meet her parents? What a whirlwind. Told you. Nothing like the Hedda Gabler woman.

Her parents gave permission for Hedda to go to New York City so a photographer the agency worked with could help build her lookbook but only on the condition that she would come home straight home after that to finish out the school year.

The trip to New York was so invigorating to her. Everyone was so nice to her and she found hotel life dreamy. Room service, crispy clean sheets every night. A girl could get used to this life. The lookbook was finished and Hedda was get ready to head home when the phone rang. The agency had already gotten her a job. A Bergdorf Goodman window display. This prestigious store wanted her. Inexperienced, the newbie in town. She phoned her parents and they couldn’t deny her this opportunity. The non-stop life of a mannequin model had begun. Do you see any resemblance to the life of Hedda Gabler?