Henrie is all about the harmony in harmonica. Toma with his Tuba, Shawn his Sax and Dinah her horn all have at least one thing in common. Their instruments would remain silent without their breath blowing life into every note.

Henrie shares a two-bedroom apartment with Toma and Herve (his story will be posted in the near future.) Toma and Henrie needed a third roommate to make the rent each month so the living room serves as part bedroom and part jamming space. The neighbors are not thrilled during their practice time but they admit amongst themselves these three men are headed for greatness.

Henrie was dragged by Dena (along with her drums) to the 2012 Bergdorf Holiday Windows audition for the musician displays. Never one to dress-up when playing clubs with the group he changed his tune after putting on this sport jacket for the first time. You will see him around town donning a Boss jacket or a dashing silk tie.