Jayne and Jilly

Jayne (on the viewers left)
No one would ever call her “plain” Jayne. For starters her parents decided from the very beginning they would set her apart by spelling her name uniquely (just like Jayne Mansfield). Always big on drama she took acting lessons to prepare her for a career on stage as soon as she could read a script. After getting a break in an off-Broadway show she realized she needed another part-time job to pay her bills. Luckily a friend told her about this Bergdorf Goodman window display that she would be sharing with someone named Jilly.

Jilly (to the right of Jayne)
As the only girl in the family with five older brothers, Jilly was a tomboy. She could pitch a baseball straight down center over home base often striking out whoever was up at bat, skip stones across the lake farther than her brothers & climb trees to the highest branch that would hold her weight. There was never a thought about dresses, make-up, sling back pumps. That is until puberty hit her right between the eyes. Her mom likened her to a caterpillar emerging from the cocoon as a beautiful butterfly. She was brought to NYC to model & got this assignment for Bergdorf’s window display partnering with Jayne. Love those earrings Jilly.