It is no secret that Lark lives the life her name defines straight out the Urban Dictionary “to play or frolick cheerfully.”

The youngest of five siblings she discovered that laughter rather than temper tantrums won her the attention she craved. She never got the highest grades in school and came in pretty low on test scores, but she never once doubted herself. She found her voice (literally and metaphorically) when she signed up for a school play in elementary school.

She could bring tears to the audience as she played a misunderstood girl, or belly laughs when she mimicked Charlie Chapin (she did a lot of research about him since he was from another time so long ago).

When she moved to NYC there was very little money for show tickets even for the cheaper seats in the balcony but luckily discovered TKTS. Her plan was to learn the in’s & out’s of a life in theatre by experiencing acting from an audience’s perspective & then waited outside the theatre to get autographs from her favorite actors to feel the fan’s view of things. She did her homework.

An actress looking for work and exposure brought her to the 2012 Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows. Her role was a Viking Princess wearing a gown embellished with mirrors a headdress to authenticate the look.

I will periodically let you know Lark’s progress. She is destined for greatness.