This is the second portrait of Magwen but the first story of how she came to the Bergdorf 2012 Holiday window display.

Magwen’s rare beauty is often likened to Italian renaissance portraits of women painted by Titian and Bottecelli. Luckily for her she was brought up to focus her attention on the needs of others rather than herself. Her dark brown eyes when gazed upon you exude warmth and kindness. She has a gift for bonding with animals large and small. Horses especially responded to her and she would ride bareback for hours in the woods that bordered her family’s farm. It was no surprise to anyone she knew when she joined the circus as a bareback rider bringing her own horse as part of her contract.

Magwen traveled to New York City with Tartine and other Le Cirque Magnifique performers to take part in the Bergdorf display Etienne was commissioned to create - the spectacular Le Cirque on Fifth windows. Even though Tartine and Magwen were set-up in separate windows they felt lucky to have been chosen at all.

2012 represented the golden age of Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows to her because homage was paid to high fashion, art, music, dancers & circus performers all combined to create a Neverland like none before.