Hello World!! I’m Mawd! Not Maud or Maude. MAWD! and no I wasn’t named after the hit comedy TV series from 1972-1978 even though my parents would walk around the house singing the theme song at the top of their lungs in harmony “and then there’s Maude and then there’s Maude”

Since pre-school my name has been spelled in every possible iteration but the correct way. Frustration turned to resignation then acceptance. The best outcome of dealing with all that was the development of my sense of humor.

Anyway let me tell you about this fantabulous window display I was part of when this photo was taken (special thanks to Hope VanCleaf Photography #hopevcphoto).

The theme for some of these 2015 Bergdorf Goodman spring windows was Asian with all the luxuriousness of the silks & hand embroidery. I am an embroidery maven. Sewing is not my thing but embroidery is another matter. I can easily lose a day when I run a threaded needle through fabric embroidering intricate patterns. Look closely at the dress I was asked to model. The embroidery is a work of art & I luxuriated in it every second I wore it.