Pandora owns a small farm in Connecticut where she lives peacefully with her animals. Having grown up in a large city (Los Angeles) with traffic congestion and smog alerts she worked diligently to earn enough money to buy a retreat somewhere on the east coast. “Fresh” air, “fresh” eggs laid by her chickens, salad and vegetables picked “fresh” from her garden she was healthy and happy. Her animals were her companions. Pie Pie the cat and Randall the rooster traveled with her if she was going to be away for more than a night. During those times a neighbor kept the animals fed and took her mail in. For this modeling job at Bergdorf Goodman an addendum was added to Pandora’s modeling contract allowing Pie Pie and Randall to stay with her in the window. This decision was genius. The positioning of each of them in relation to the space they were in created an alluring scene captivating the passers by who would stop to comment on the visual perfection. What the onlookers did not know is that music from Pandora on the Internet was piped in to keep the bird and cat calm.