An Unlikely Story

Paris has style! Just like the city she is named after. It doesn’t matter if she is wearing a T shirt and jeans to go food shopping or a designer gown for a gala event. Let’s take it even a step further. If she was wearing a burlap sack out on the street what people would see was a women in a very sheik dress that they would want to buy for their wardrobe.

She was not taught this nor did she go to a fashion college to learn. It is instinctive to her.

The tilt of a chapeau placed on her head at just the right angle to complement her facial features or the accessories chosen for an outfit might seem completely wrong, way off base to the onlooker, but once she is wearing all the pieces together it is apparent that there was never a better choice. Now that is Style with a capital “S.” Wouldn’t you agree?