An Unlikely Story

How many of you readers have had bondings with birds of any kind? Well let me tell you about Raven’s rare gift with birds of a feather.

It all started at the age of 6 when she was having her usual adventures in the woods adjacent to her home. She first heard barely audible chirps which led her to a evergreen tree. There on the ground lay a baby bird just hatched from the egg which had fallen from the nest.

Quick to take action she gently picked it up and was able to just reach the nest by standing on her tippy toes. Just then the mama flew down with a protective flutter but quickly relaxed her wings as soon as Raven opened her hand. Mama bird rubbed her beak on the baby bird and on Raven’s open palm.

For 5 days she would return to the nest to check on mama and baby. That bond was not a one time occurrence. She discovered that any time she was in the vicinity of one or a flock of birds they gravitated to her.

It was no accident that she was contacted for the 2015 spring Bergdorf Goodman display window when birds were going to be part of the setting.