Redding loves the color Red. Often asked the question “Is it because your name has Red in it that your love of Red naturally grew?” “Not sure, could be but what does it matter anyway. I Just Love Anything Red!” In addition to the color Red, her other favorite is her own body. Never self-conscious about it which to say the least is very unusual for most people. It is important to understand this about her because it led her to this particular window display more undressed than dressed. What follows may give you a little more insight about how she views the skin she inhabits which led her to the world of modeling lingerie.

When she got her first scar at five while running downhill and falling onto a rock, she didn’t cry. Not one tear. Instead she got up, walked home and proudly showed off her badge of courage - the crescent shaped raised skin that would become the Scar. It was a thing of beauty to her because her own body created it in the process of healing.

She asked to be part of this lingerie window display because Red & lingerie are coupled together. Simply Irresistible!