An Unlikely Story

Skye it seems was born with her head in the clouds, or eyes focused upward to the sky. On her fifth birthday she woke up to a very large and odd shaped gift placed in front of her bedroom window. Circling around it she noticed that the wrapping consisted of colorful paper patches taped together to cover the entire “thing.” Not one to contain her curiosity she unraveled the covering. What she exposed was the best gift in the whole wide world. It was a telescope. Now most 5 year olds would not have appreciated this gift but her parents knew their daughter. They encouraged her sky gazing and felt that this gift could chart her future as she discovered more and more about the vast unexplored universe.

Skye became an astronomer and a part time mentor to underprivileged kids by setting up an educational program that allows teachers to bring their classes to the observatory she did research at. What made her the best mentor for these young children was the simple fact that she was even younger than them when she fell under the spell of the sky and clouds.

Bergdorf Goodman asked her to do this very special window display to emphasize the beauty of the universe and the role we play in securing its future. The blindfold she is wearing can be interpreted 2 ways. Firstly, if we keep our eyes closed and don’t see the beauty above us, it is possible that we will harm the skies. Or secondly, you can sense beauty & awe more keenly with eyes closed & your other senses are awakened. You decide.