What you see is not necessarily what you actually see when looking at Violette. She is a person of magic and mystique. Years have been spent perfecting her unique act which she performs in the best venues around the globe. The Standing Room Only sign almost always goes up fifteen minutes after tickets for her show go on sale.

Violette is a descendant of the famous Harry Houdini on her mothers side so it really wasn’t much of a surprise when she started making objects disappear or finding rabbits and doves suddenly appearing hopping and flying around the house.

She loved reading stories about Merlin and tried to mimic some spell that he supposedly put on a king or two.

One evening while reading her Tarot cards she read her future. A store on Fifth Avenue in New York City was going to need a magician for a window display depicting scenes that alluded to Magic. This was a sign.

The next morning she was up before daybreak and caught the train to Manhattan. The train pulled into Penn Station at 8:00 am so she found a cute little cafe to eat a leisurely breakfast and then walk Uptown to the store.

There was a line of wannabe magicians waiting to audition. What they had know way of knowing (that’s where the word “wannabe” comes in) is that Violette had worked her magic so perfectly you might say she put a spell on them all.