An Unlikely Story

Ceci found out as a little girl that her name in some languages means blind. At first she wondered what were her parents thinking. When she was born it was discovered during early testing that she was definitely NOT BLIND, BUT there was an abnormality they detected. Kind of miraculous since they had never seen or heard of their findings anywhere before. The eye to brain connection interpreted everything in technicolor just to Defy the inference.

Her parents explanation to her of why they named her Ceci was very interesting. They wanted her name to represent blindness in the best possible way. Blindness to the color of a person’s skin. Blindness to a persons station in life whether rich or poor, everyone deserved the chance to shine bright if their heart was true. Those two examples at the core of their thought process were all she needed to hear. Then and there she felt so happy to have Ceci as her name.