About the Artist and Creative Fingerprint

A photographer, multi-media, paste, pop-up artist, storyteller, instructor and president of Creative Fingerprint. Having studied with world renowned realist painter Chuck Close while attending the School of Visual Arts I was exposed to a whole new way of "seeing" everything around me. It was that experience that sent me on a path of exploration to find my "creative self" through experimentation with different mediums - drawing, sculpture, multi-media composites and photography. Making art over and over is what lead me to discover my own unique "creative fingerprint."

The photographs I take capture a few seconds in time. My perspective, my eye. The digital medium creates a unique moment secured for eternity. The artist at work.


I applaud any person who is interested in evolving into their artist self by copying the styles of artists that they admire. All artists before us have done that as a learning tool. Photography differs from drawing, painting and sculpture because the surroundings, light etc. change immediately after the shot is taken altering the outcome somewhat. But some elements remain and that is a starting point.


The amazing outcome of copying an artist’s style is that at some moment something within your creative being takes over and the pieces start transforming into your own creative fingerprint. That is the natural progression using repetition for the serious creative learner.


This statement is a continuous work-in-progress.