Sausanne and Daphne

An Unlikely Story

Both Sausanne and Daphne are from Paris. They were born minutes apart to different families but became closer than many sisters as they grew up in the same neighborhood.

Sausanne and Daphne’s passion was for anything fashion. Hours were spent turning pages of the latest issues of La Femme Actuelle, Marie Claire and Vogue. Their imaginations took them into the photographs depicting many different scenarios that were oh so appealing. They daydreamed about their future lives together as fashion mannequins

Hours were spent sashaying down staircases wearing their mothers gowns trying to get “the walk” just perfect.

Sausanne and Daphne left Paris for two years to gain experience in other Fashion Capitals - Milan, Rome, Munich, New York.

While in New York they spent some time in a spring window display at Bergdorf Goodman’s showing off their Parisian sense of fashion.