An Unlikely Story

One night about six months ago, Inez found an unaddressed envelope in her mailbox. All that was written was “Open Me.” A little nervous at first to do just that she took a deep breath and carefully pulled the glued lip upward. What it revealed was a ticket for an American Ballet Theatre performance at Lincoln Center that evening.

Intrigued, she decided then and there that she would go. She loved going to theaters whether to see a good movie, off/on Broadway shows, opera and dance. The total darkness just before the screen comes alive with imagery or the curtain rises exposing sets and performers exudes mystery. And then there is the light. Pulling you into the story. For an hour or two you are present to something amazing that cannot really be explained. It just “is” indescribable.

That night lives indelibly in her thoughts and she wonders if her secret “friend” somehow arranged for her to get this specific Bergdorf display with a theatre setting to remind her that light can be found many places not just inside a theatre.