An Unlikely Story

Perfect Pitch! Melody was born with it.

Growing up with two parents who were professional musicians laid the foundation for their daughter. Her mother was an opera singer with the Metropolitan in Manhattan. Singing could be heard from the shower, while preparing dinner or putting Melody to bed. Her father was part of a jazz group and he often switched his instruments from guitar to saxophone to drums. He was kind of a prodigy. When the matriarch and patriarch were away from home music was piped in through the Internet via Pandora. Music is the staple of their artistic nutrition. It was no surprise that their daughter was born with a unique voice. Whether speaking or singing the timbre was so appealing that most people wanted to keep her talking just to stay in the groove. They would tell her that her voice was “music to their ears.” The way she enunciated and the breath taken between certain words was similar to what songwriters and singers called phrasing. Her phrasing was likened to Frank Sinatra and Barbra Streisand who took it to places no one had ever done before.

She was hired by Bergdorf Goodman to entertain the other mannequins while they worked their displays.